Sellsy , a 100% online French business management tool that facilitates collaborative work in your company

Boot up and process your leads as a team

CRM software

Track and effectively manage the different stages of prospecting and your customer relationships.

Your teams have access to all data: comments, discussions, documents exchanged, invoices, customer support, emails sent, …

Automate your commercial management

Billing software

Create quotes and turn them into an invoice with a single click.

Use electronic signature, online payment and accounting tracking.
Your sales team manages their contacts, their sales documents and their catalog of products and / or services.

Your teams and your partners to work together

Project management

Collaborate, monitor and manage your most complex projects as a team and invite external stakeholders to participate

Communicate with your prospects and customers on the internet

Web sites

Create and realize without any knowledge of computer code
for your websites, showcases, merchants and blog

Sellsy , your customer relationship ally!

Billing and compatibility features in a powerful CRM tool within the same interface