Increase productivity
with Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Optimize team cooperation with a secure and integrated workspace, which includes Google Meet video conferencing features, Drive file storage space, and collaborative Google Docs editors.

Modern collaborative tools to optimize teamwork

Google Workspace ncludes Docs , Sheets and Slides services, which aim to facilitate remote creation and collaboration, even for distributed teams across multiple time zones.

Secure and professional videoconferencing

When your team needs to communicate by video conference, Google Meet gives them a simple, smooth and reliable experience. Each call can bring together up to 250 participants. You have the option of recording the video conference in Google Drive for team members who cannot attend.

Easy and secure access to all your content

Google Drive lets you store and share your content, and access it from any device. Teams can use Shared Drives. The files which are placed there then belong to the team, and not to a particular person, which allows the different members to have permanent access to the elements they need.
Applications included
Applications included : Security and administration