Zendesk is the solution to manage your customer relationship

Meet the needs of your customers

Empower your teams to succeed

Synchronize the whole company

the application that makes your customers' lives easier

Offer them assistance

  • from anywhere they are
  • whatever means of exchange they choose

It becomes easy to provide a personalized response to your customers with the establishment of a help center or forum.

Also use automation to make information relevant and prevent your customers from repeating themselves

Simplify the monitoring, prioritization and responses to your customers’ requests thanks to this unique workspace.

Empower your agents to provide better support and more personal answers!

Simple, easy and fast tools for all your teams

  • collaborative workspace with simple configurations
  • exchanges between internal and external partners
    collection of information,
  • data and knowledge manager

Accessible and actionable data

  • with or without programming knowledge
  • 1 single unified view of your customers
  • analysis and monitoring of your customers’ needs

A multichannel approach for your customers but also answers for all your employees in your company, Zendesk:

  • adapts to the size of your organization
  • is customizable
  • follows your development and your needs