Looking for a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution?


Attractive, intuitive and simple Copper also automates repetitive tasks and integrates with the tools you already use:

Gmail – Calendar – Documents – Spreadsheets

Manage more sales leads and develop your customer relationships without wasting time entering information!

Organize and manage contacts:

  • end of spreadsheets
  • no more time wasted in data entry
  • key information found quickly
  • save contact lists by type
  • send targeted communications

All your emails, calls, files and notes are in one place.

Phone numbers, email addresses and social network contact details are automatically retrieved.

Automate your processes:

  • set the rules
  • choose the triggers for automation
  • customizable email
  • task support

Direct from Gmail, automate follow-up sequences and communications to detect your best prospects.

Track your prospects:

  • moniteur d’inactivité
  • rapport de durée de transaction
  • alertes et notifications en temps réel
  • automatisation du flux de travail
  • rapport de ventes