Google Meet Hardware

Efficient and fast videoconferencing systems for all rooms, which offers contactless functionality with Hey Google voice control

Your meetings in one click

Solutions that are easy to configure and manage

It only takes a few minutes to set up Meet hardware and communicate with your team members, whether they’re on another floor or overseas.

This hardware kit is even able to self-diagnose if something goes wrong and automatically updates the firmware of all of its components to always give you the best possible video experience. And for even more peace of mind, administrators can control and manage these devices remotely.

Easy meetings

Meet hardware allows you to enjoy the reliability and ease of access of Meet in a conference room.

The kit brings together a carefully selected set of components that provide a high definition, cost-effective and easy-to-use video conferencing service.

Smart design

The specially designed and manufactured Google speakerphone / microphone combo intelligently reduces echo and actively manages background noise to give you extremely rich, clear and immersive 360˚ sound.

In smaller rooms, the Meet hardware automatically zooms and crops based on the number of participants present.

Designed for all conference rooms

Meet hardware is suitable for all conference rooms, regardless of their size.

Easily organize your conference in a small room, with a wide-angle camera, or in a larger room, thanks to the optical zoom of a mechanical pan and tilt camera with zoom.

Interconnect multiple speaker / microphone combos in series with a single cable and enjoy high quality sound no matter the size of the table.


Provides businesses with excellent reliability and performance

ASUS Google Meet Hardware is the smart new HD video conferencing solution with Google Meet. The three ASUS Google Meet hardware kits fit any meeting room and provide effective solutions for businesses of all sizes. The kits contain an ASUS Google Meet Compute System computer with an Intel® Core ™ i7 processor and an innovative magnetized chassis that can be mounted anywhere you like. Designed using solid components, the ASUS Google Meet Compute System has also been tested repeatedly to ensure that its long-term reliability meets or exceeds the criteria established by the IT industry. The kits also include a speaker / microphone, a control interface with touchscreen, a remote control and an Ultra HD camera.


Equip any space

Choose from three specially designed options, depending on your needs: small, medium or large rooms. Lenovo’s Google Meet Series One Room Kits are complete and ready to use. Each kit includes a computer system with customized mounting options, as well as a combination of up to six components, depending on the size of the meeting room. These components include a smart camera or an XL smart camera, a remote control or a touch controller, up to two microphone modules and a smart sound bar (plus an additional sound bar in the large room kit).
Collaborate and communicate remotely with colleagues and clients as if they were in the same room. When combined with Hangouts ™ Meet, users, with or without a Google Account, can make high-definition web calls, and organize and schedule meetings for 25 to 50 people using Gmail ™ and Google Calendar ™.


The power of Meet and Chrome

Meet hardware harnesses the power and simplicity of Chrome OS to give you direct and reliable access to Meet from a conference room.

Quality sound in large rooms

For crisp sound in larger spaces, add standalone speaker / microphone combos to your Meet hardware kit.