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Digital transformation has been the main issue in recent years. It fundamentally changes organizations, habits, methods of operation, hierarchy and the corporate culture itself. Technological tools (the cloud, connected objects, Big Data, 3D printing, etc.) are developing and make it possible to adapt their work for a better organization to increase their business.

A successful digital transformation requires a good analysis of what already exists, a well-controlled change process and a human and technical strategy adapted to each company. Changes in work habits, in the tools used and in project management are necessary in order to allow the company and its employees to enter a new, more productive era.

Digital Salamander supports you on a human and technical level
throughout your project regardless of the stage.



The complete audit of your company's IT (software, hardware, internal procedures, means of communication and collaboration) will establish an inventory of your digital eco-system. We will make our recommendations to you and give you avenues for improvement for the development of your company's transition strategy.

Step 1

Implementation of Saas solutions

Businesses no longer need to install and launch applications on their own computers or on their servers. This eliminates the cost of acquiring hardware, along with the costs of procurement and maintenance, software licensing, installation and support. We will carry out the implementation of outsourced services (API, Cloud, Data, AI ...), the integration of business solutions into your information system, and the migration of your current applications to cloud solutions.
Step 2

Mobility work

With the evolution of technology and telecommunications, more and more employees are working outside their offices. Teleworking, whether carried out at home or within the company itself on the move with a laptop or tablet, is a crucial issue in the digital transformation of a company. We will intervene to offer you turnkey or tailor-made mobility solutions.
Step 3

Change management

The management of change must be at the center of digital transformation because it is as important as the change itself. The first step is to motivate the stakeholders and the change agents of the company. Then, it is necessary to define and set up a schedule of actions to be carried out over time. And finally, it is necessary to measure the level of integration of new methods within the company in order to adjust the change policy.
Step 4

Simplification and time saving

The core business of Digital Salamander is the optimization of processes, whether they are human or related to your IT infrastructure. We will show you how to simplify tasks, reduce costs and increase productivity.
Step 5

Collective intelligence

In theory, in the world of work, collective intelligence is a daily reality since the aim of the company is to make employees work together with a common objective. The implementation of collective intelligence requires qualified management and the deployment of certain tools to promote exchanges (intranet, corporate social network, software for monitoring, statistics, discussion or drafting of common documents). We will help you define your needs and put in place the best tools.
Step 6


In a world that is evolving very quickly at the technological and relational level, it is necessary to be one step ahead, but also to keep it. The digital transformation of a company does indeed have a starting point. On the other hand, its point of arrival is a course to follow and not a fixed point. The evolution of techniques and working methods direct us towards constant innovation. Digital Salamander will be able to establish a strategy and an old digital adapted to your course.
Step 7