“I am trying to connect applications between them!”

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"I'm trying to connect apps to each other!"


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Alan Muntadas - Fondateur de Digital Salamander
Hello, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your situation?
Hello, I am the IT director of an automotive supplier. We manufacture shock absorbers for a foreign brand. We have several business applications on the production line, a management system and traditional office solutions. Today, we need to standardize our information system, and in particular to connect our applications to the main network in order to allow better remote control.
Alan Muntadas - Fondateur de Digital Salamander
When you talk about traditional tools, are you talking about office PCs with applications installed on them?
That’s quite right. Our IT park is made up of 3 servers, 20 office PCs and a few dedicated machines for the assembly line. At present, production, methods, customer service and management are not strictly speaking linked to each other. PCs don’t always get updated, and apps don’t really communicate with each other.
Alan Muntadas - Fondateur de Digital Salamander
The idea would be to review your information system in order to study the implementation of a cloud solution. Your PC fleet can be replaced by chromebooks, less expensive, the administration of which is done remotely very simply. In addition, G Suite office tools integrate perfectly with other systems, such as ERP, CRM, also in the cloud or with business applications.
I’m looking to connect apps together, your cloud migration solution would be perfect for us. Let’s make an appointment to talk about it.

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