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"I am looking for training because I am going to take over a family business!"


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Alan Muntadas - Fondateur de Digital Salamander
Hello, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your situation?
Hello. My name is Morgane. I am 26 years old and I am a student at the University in Cosmetic Masters. I want to take over the family business that has been run by my mother (manufacture of hair regrowth products, direct sales and export) for more than 25 years. I realized that the organization and the tools used are totally outdated. In addition, its presence on the web and social networks is non-existent. I represent the new generation and we must develop the company with the new means at our disposal today. This is why I am addressing your company. I have to train in parallel with my Master to transform the family business.
Alan Muntadas - Fondateur de Digital Salamander
You have come to the right person! We can offer you training tailored to your specific needs to take over your mother’s business. Indeed, for the past ten years, companies have sometimes struggled to integrate all digital technologies in order to pursue the growth of their activities and better meet customer needs effectively.
Thank you, I am reassured by your words. It is true that my mother had great difficulty adapting to the evolution of new technologies. And this had negative impacts on the economic growth of our family business. Suddenly, my mother who is not yet retired wants to stop her activity. This is why I must quickly take over the reins of the company.
Alan Muntadas - Fondateur de Digital Salamander
Your overall analysis of the situation is good, and we can support you in all the necessary steps. Our trainings are simple, effective, educational and beneficial to a new impetus for the recovery and development of your activity.
I am looking for training because I will take over the family business, and as such, I am really motivated. When do we begin ?